How's the weather in South Bend?

The weather can be rather unpredictable. The early fall is hot and humid, so make sure to bring summer clothing! The weather cools down in the end of September, with the snow starting in November and lasting until April to May, so make sure to bring plenty of winter gear! It also rains frequently, with rain seeming to be nonstop on certain days. Rain boots are vital on campus as many of the walkways become flooded during these days. For those who plan on flying home for breaks, you can trade out your wardrobe during your vacation time to save on space in your room.


What meal plans are available?

As a freshman, you are restricted to the following three meal plans.

The standard meal plan is the Block 250, which provides you 250 meal swipes for the semester (which from August 6 to November 20, equates to about 16 meals a week). These meal swipes are valid in either North or South Dining Hall. The dining halls have buffet-style meals. If you are in a rush, there is also Grab and Go available, which allows you to exchange one meal swipe for 7 points worth of snacks, drinks, and foods at either of the Dining Hall locations. A noteworthy feature of this plan is the $500 worth of flex points. These are points that can be used for food at the various restaurants on campus, including Chick-Fil-A, Au Bon Pain, Modern Market, agerty Family Cafe, Einstein Bros., Cafe de Grasta, Pizza Pi, Charron Family Commons, Garbanzo, Decio Cafe, Smashburger, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, the Huddle, Starbucks, and Subway. Any unused points in fall roll over to spring semester, but they expire at the end of the school year.

The Unlimited plan provides unlimited swipes in the dining hall, but no flex points.

The Block 250 Upgrade costs an additional $282/semester and provides you with the 250 meals along with $360 in flex points and $360 in Domer Dollars. Domer Dollars are similar to flex points except they never expire and are accepted at both on and off-campus locations. In addition to the on-campus restaurants listed for flex points, Domer Dollars may also be used for the following Eddy Street locations: Blaze Pizza, Chipotle, 7Eleven, BarBici, Five Guys, Jimmy John's, Kilwins, Livery, and Wings Over South Bend.

All meal plans include 5 guest swipes per semester.

To switch your meal plan to these two alternative options, login to get.nd.edu and make your selection within the first two weeks of the semester.

Additional information on meal plans for upperclassman can be found on the Campus Dining website.


What are football games like?

Football is one of the greatest and most noteworthy traditions of Notre Dame. Anyone can enjoy game day, regardless of how much knowledge they have of the sport. Football Saturdays generally take up the entire day, with events taking place before and after games for both students and guests to enjoy. You will be emailed as soon as season tickets are available before your arrival in the fall. Tickets are sent via email, and it is strongly recommended you take screenshots of your tickets, as cell service tends to slow down on game weekends due to the large amount of crowds. You can now also add them directly to your smartphone's wallet. These weekends draw about 80,000 fans, alumni, and family members with lots of food, activities, and fun!


Where should I go for questions with classes?

Along with your First Year of Studies Advisor, you can reach out to upperclassmen and Major Advisors for information! Johnson Family Hall will likely have someone who has taken classes you are interested in, so don't be afraid to reach out to us! We also have in-residence faculty members who are always ready and willing to help.


What will my advisor do?

They are a resource to turn to if you are struggling with a class, a project, or anything academically-related. They are knowledgeable on resources and organizations available to students, so feel free to ask them anything. They would be who you would first contact if you want to change your major or need assistance with scheduling. It is better to ask for help sooner or later!


How do I connect to the campus Wifi?

Download the eduroam utility at eduroam.nd.edu on each of your devices.


How do I print on campus?

There are printers in the residence halls and academic buildings. All of them can print black and white, but a few printers in the more popular buildings, such as Hesburgh Library, Debartolo, and the Duncan Student Center, have printing available in color. You receive a printing quota of $10 per semester, which can be used at any of the printers. Black and white pages cost $0.02 for each sheet, while colored pages cost $0.07 per sheet. It is strongly recommended you download the print drive before classes begin classes.


What if I am sick on campus?

If you have any symptoms that would be indicative of COVID-19, you would schedule and go to testing, which is located at St. Liam's. 

If you another non-emergency illness, you can go to St. Liam's, which is right behind the Dome. You must call and make an appointment by calling UHS for a consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (574) 631-7497. They are from 8:00am to 4:00pm on weekdays and closed on the weekends. 

If you need non-emergency care on the weekends or after hours, you can go to urgent care.

If you require emergency care, you can always call 9-1-1, and you can talk to St. Joseph's County or you can call emergency services on campus at (574) 631-5555 for quicker response times. You can also go to Memorial Hospital in downtown South Bend.


What are college dances?

At Notre Dame, each hall typically has one formal dance and one themed dance. The theme dances usually have wacky themes. Other dorm themes have been Skype Interviews, Denim on Denim, Disney, and Outer Space, so the sky is truly the limit! The themed dance is known as an SYR, short for "Set Up Your Roommate". The tradition was to set your roommate up with a date, but now people tend to either go with friends or find their own dates. It is fun either way! For formals, it is recommended you bring some high school dresses (long or short) since they tend to be more cocktail or formal dresses.


Where can I shop in South Bend?

The ND bookstore has plenty of clothing available to show your school spirit! There is the main bookstore on the South side of campus next to Ryan Hall along with a satellite location on Eddy Street.

The University Park Mall has 124 stores including Apple, Forever 21, J. Crew, Barnes and Noble, Dry Goods, etc. There is a free bus by Hesburgh Library that takes you to the mall.

There are also stores such as Old Navy, Kohl's, etc. in Mishawaka. On Eddy Street, there is also an Urban Outfitters available.

We are also right next to a Trader Joe's for some groceries within walking distance. You can also get transportation to grocery stores like Target, Martin's, or Meijer's.


How do I travel around South Bend?

Generally, students take Ubers if they don't have a car. It is recommended to take them with at least one other person. Zipcars are also available on campus. The South Bend bus service, Transpo, provides free transportation to the mall, downtown, to St. Mary's and Holy Cross, etc. This bus is free with your Notre Dame ID card. You can also always ask an upperclassment either face-to-face or to the dorm group chat.

First year students cannot have their cars with, but if you are in good academic standing, you may qualify to bring one second semester.