St. Andre Committee Members

Emma Brainard, Committee Member

Emma Brainard

Wabash, IN 

Class of 2025, Marketing and Visual Communications Design 

Contact Email: 

Heyyyyyy valks, wings up! My name is Emma Brainard, and I am SO incredibly excited to meet you all!! I’m a sophomore majoring in Marketing and Visual Communications Design, but that tends to change every other week, so who knows what I’ll actually end up doing. I’m from Wabash, Indiana, which is only about an hour and a half from campus. I’m living in 246, and I will ALWAYS have an open door for anyone that wants to stop by! Please, please, please come see me, I promise always to have fun coffees/tea, and I would love to meet you! Some of my hobbies include talking about my love for the Irish, arguing that JFam is the best dorm on campus, and discussing the known fact that ND is the most superior school. Like I said before, I can’t wait to meet you, and I already know we’re going to be best friends. Congratulations on being placed in the best hall on campus; I am so excited to share this lovely home with you! See you around <3! 


Donna Carinato, Committee Member


Western Springs, IL

Class of 2025, Biology

Contact Email:

Hello Valks!!! My name is Donna Carinato and I am a sophomore biology major with an art history minor! I’m so glad I get to welcome you all to campus and be here as you meet each other and see your new home for the next four years! I am from Western Springs, Il, southwest of Chicago, and I live on the first floor of JFam, room 143, feel free to come say hello whenever– I can always offer you almonds or la croix! At nd I am especially proud to be a part of beeND, a club just about bees, and I highly recommend everyone joins, but I also love going to as many sporting events that I can on campus, or just walking around and hanging out with my friends! I also love music and I am always open to music recommendations or suggestions! So excited to meet you all when we get to campus, ride valks!!


Audrey Christiansen, Committee Member


Parker, CO

Class of 2025, Pre-Professional and Classics: Latin

Contact Email:

Hello Valkyries!! My name is Audrey Christiansen! Welcome to Johnson Family Hall! I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Letters. My majors are Classics with a concentration in Latin and Arts and Letters Preprofessional. I have not chosen a minor yet. My hometown is Parker, CO! I am involved in the Swimming Club, I am the Classics Secretary, and I am the Johnson Family Hall Spiritual Life Liaison and Liturgical Commissioner. I am excited to live on the fourth floor in room 402! One fun fact about me is that I have Celiac Disease! I am really interested in mythology, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian! Can’t wait to have a great year!


Maggie Enrietto, Committee Member

Maggie Enrietto

Winnetka, IL

Class of 2025, Finance and English 

Contact Email:

Hey Valks! My name is Maggie Enrietto and I’m so excited to welcome you guys to your new home and the greatest dorm on campus!! I am originally from Winnetka, Il, but in JFAM I’ll be living in the BEST section ever: 2B!! Feel free to stop by whenever to chat or grab snacks—room 246 is always open! I’m a sophomore majoring in Finance and English, so if you have any questions about either of these feel free to ask. When not attending ND sporting events, I love baking/cooking, watching movies and tv shows (I will quote them endlessly), going for walks, and hanging out with my fellow Valks! I’m so excited to meet all of you and cannot wait to see all your smiling faces soon!!


Megan Gallagher, Committee Member

Megan Gallagher

Goshen, IN

Class of 2025, Psychology and Sociology

Contact Email:

Hey new Valks! My name is Megan Gallagher and I am incredibly excited to meet all of you. I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in International Development Studies. I am from Goshen, Indiana, but in Jfam I will be staying in room 403; stop by literally anytime! On campus I’m a part of FeministND, ND Democrats, and the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy. In my free time you can probably find me listening to Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, reading, or walking around campus with my friends. Fun fact: I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. I can’t wait to welcome you all to your new home in the best dorm on campus :) Go Irish!



Ainsley Hillman, Committee Member

Ainsley Hillman

Atlanta, GA

Class of 2025, Business Analytics and Political Science

Contact Email:

Hey hey baby valkyries! My name is Ainsley Hillman and I am beyond thrilled to welcome you home!! I am originally from Atlanta, GA (Go Braves!) and next year I will be living in Room 235 in the BEST section: 2B. My door is always open for y’all, so feel free to stop by for some snacks or coffee. I am a sophomore majoring in Business Analytics and Political Science in the Mendoza College of Business and the College of Arts & Letters. So, if you’re ever looking for a study buddy or some class recs, feel free to reach out! In my free time, I love to watch new shows or movies, play volleyball or soccer, cook or bake, volunteer, play card games, or just listen to some good music with some great people. All that being said, I am totally stoked to welcome you all into your Johnson Hall and Notre Dame Family, and I cannot wait to watch you grow your wings (Ride Valks!). Welcome to the best dorm on campus ;) Go Irish! 



Nalani Malackowski, Committee Member

Nalani M 1 Min

Chesterton, IN

Class of 2025, Pre-Professional and Spanish 

Contact Email:

Welcome home to the best dorm on campus, I am so excited to meet you and show you the beauty of JFAM!! My name is Nalani Malackowski and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Science Pre-professional and Spanish on a pre-med track hoping to one day become a pediatrician. I will be living in 203 and my door is always open and listening to some random music (Christmas music tends to come a little early). If you ever need a futon to rant on, or a change of scenery to study on, you are always welcome at 203. On campus I love working with recreational sports as a supervisor. If you love sports and are looking for a job, reach out and I would be more than happy to recommend you! I am originally from Chesterton IN, just about an hour from campus, but very soon I will be living with you and all of your classmates. I cannot wait to meet all of you and watch you fall in love with Notre Dame and JFAM!! I hope you’re getting excited to move into your home under the dome!! <3



Emily McDougall, Committee Member

Emily Mcdougall Headshot Min

Oklahoma City, OK

Class of 2025, Neuroscience and Behavior

Contact Email:

Hi y’all! My name is Emily McDougall and I am SO!! EXCITED!! to welcome you to the Johnson Family community – best dorm on campus! I’m a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Behavior on the pre-med track in the College of Arts and Letters, possibly adding a Theology or Compassionate Care minor. Originally I’m from Oklahoma City, OK, but here I live in 210, so stop by and say hi anytime (I usually have snacks or baked goods my mom sent from home and I’m more than willing to share!). On campus I’m the content curator for Student Union Board, a tour guide, and commissioner for Big/Lil and Signature Event. Usually you can find me drinking coffee, taking a walk, or explaining why TEARS is the best Wordle starting word (I will die on that hill). I seriously cannot wait to welcome the newest baby Valks home! Wings up and Go Irish!


Caleigh Miranda, Committee Member


Hampton, New Hampshire

Class of 2024, Business Analytics and Mathematics

Contact Email:

Hi hi baby Valks! My name is Caleigh Miranda and I am so excited to welcome you to ND and Johnson. I am a Junior majoring in Business Analytics and Mathematics in Mendoza and the College of Science. I am originally from Hampton, NH and you can always find me at the beach there (yes, NH has beaches). I live in room 302 and door open or closed, you are always welcome! On campus, I work in the basement of Mendoza in the IT office which is way more fun than it seem and I am the Food Commissioner in the hall. Yay snacks! Outside of school you’ll often find me walking around the lakes on campus or playing mario games on the switch. I also love to build legos and have my prized lego blacksmith I keep on my desk.


Quinnlan Murray, Committee Member

Quinnlan Murray 1 Min

Tulsa, OK

Class of 2024, Environmental Science and Peace Studies

Contact Email:

Hellooooo new Valks! Welcome home!! My name is Quinnlan Murray and I am so excited to meet you all. I am a Junior majoring in Environmental Science and Peace Studies and minoring in the Hesburgh Program of Public Service. I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but now I call section 2A home! Room 202 will always be open for y’all! On campus, I work in an ecology lab and as a tour guide. I am also involved in hall leadership, Center for Social Concerns Seminars, and the Raising the Standard Campaign! In my free time you will always find me listening to a podcast, going on walks with friends, or watching Notre Dame and Kansas City Chiefs football highlights. As a passionate sports fan, a fun fact about me is that I was voted most likely to be a soccer mom in high school! I am so excited to see your beautiful faces – Wings Up & Go Irish!


Katie Ritschel, Committee Member

Katie Ritschel

Dayton, OH

Class of 2025, Biology and Economics

Contact Email:

Hey Valkyries! My name is Katie and I’m so excited to welcome you to the Johnson Family community! I am a sophomore double majoring in Biology and Economics and minoring in Science and Patient Advocacy. I’m from Dayton, Ohio, but in Jfam I’ll be living in room 418; stop by anytime! On campus I spend most of my time in the Haldar lab doing research, volunteering with La Casa de Amistad, and knitting hats with PointND. In my free time I love listening to Taylor Swift, getting bubble tea (Keough has a student-run boba shop on campus!), and going to ND hockey games! Finally, a fun fact about me is that I’ve been to all 50 states! So excited to meet you all!!


Sarah Skolozynski, Committee Member

Sarah Skolozynski

Chicago, IL

Class of 2024, Environmental Sciences

Contact Email:

Hello to the newest Valks in our community! My name is Sarah Skolozynski, and I am a junior majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in Classical Studies. I am originally from Chicago, IL (I can prove this with my Chicago-area phone number lol), but will be calling room 318 home for the 2022-23 school year! On campus, I am a part of the pre-vet club and also tutor fourth and fifth graders in Latin through an afterschool program called Aequora. You can also catch me watching ND sports throughout the year. Besides football, I also our enjoy hockey and basketball games. When not in class, I like spending my flex points on iced coffee, listening to Harry Styles, and taking walks around the lake to see if I spot any turtles (yes I am that Envi Sci major). My go-to fun fact is that I went to the same high school as John Mulaney. I cannot wait to meet you all, and please feel free to reach out to me (especially if you’re interested in a science major or you are from the Chicago area!). Go Irish and RIDE VALKS! 


Nicole Tonetti, Committee Member

Nicole Tonetti

Powell, OH

Class of 2025, Business Analytics

Contact Email:

Hey new valkyries! My name is Nicole Tonetti. I am a sophomore majoring in Business Analytics with a minor in Sociology. I am from Powell, Ohio (just outside of Columbus) but I will be living in 332. Please stop by at any time to chat or just say hi my door is always open! On campus, I work as a teacher’s assistant, ND Day commissioner for the fall, and director of social media for the ND Games For Change Initiative. In my free time, I love watching movies with my friends, working out, and reading. I also have a slight coffee addiction haha! A fun fact about me is that my sisters and I all share the same middle name. I am SO excited to meet all of you! Welcome to your new home :)