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The first residents of our community in front of the construction progress of Johnson Family Hall. September 2019. 

The Story of Our Family


Our community began in February of 2019. The University of Notre Dame announced that a new women's hall would begin as a community first in Pangborn Hall before moving to the new women's residence hall in Fall 2020. Constuction of the new hall began in December 2018 and will be complete in August 2020. The name of the new women's hall was announced in early September 2019, shortly after the Valkyries moved in to Pangborn. To read the announcement of the naming of Johnson Family Hall-  Click here.

Johnson Family Hall was made possible through the generous donation of Todd, Susan, Matt, and Hilary Johnson. Matt and Hilary attended Notre Dame and loved their own residence halls. The Johnson Family generously decided to give back to the University of Notre Dame through the gift of Johnson Family Hall. 


In our first year, we answered to many names-  Pangborn, Johnson Family, JFam, PB&J Fam, Valkyries, etc. As our community began to take shape, it was clear that  members of our Valkyrie family seemed to share a trailblazing spirit and joy in investing time and creativity in our community.  The women who started this community, were women who chose to be a part of something new. Something with great potential that needed leadership and love. Our Valkyries embody these values daily. The eagerness to help, the bravery to step into uncharted territory,  the creativity to think outside the box, and the openness to welcome others are characteristics that are integral to what it means  to be a Valkyrie of Johnson Family Hall.


Pangborn was a wonderful starter home for our community. Now, we grow our dream home across campus, Johnson Family Hall. More Valkyries will join us in Johnson as we accept more first years and hall transfers. No doubt these new Valkyries will continue in the footsteps and tradition of the trailblazing Valkyries before them! We thank and honor our former residents of Johnson Family Hall for all they have given to our home under the dome.


Statement of Inclusion


Johnson Family Hall is committed to the inclusion of each and every Valkyrie. We strive to learn about the experiences of others, celebrate differences, and practice solidarity. Johnson Family Hall is a community in which everyone should feel loved, at peace, and free to express their most authentic selves. We do not tolerate any discriminatory speech or action regarding anyone’s race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, visible or invisible disabilities, socioeconomic status, immigration status, family or country of origin, size, or academic interest. We intend and are committed to create a welcoming environment in which each resident feels loved because of their holistic identity. 


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Header image accredited to Kaitlyn Barbour, Class of 2022