Hall Events

Mark Your Calendars!

And get excited about the 2022-23 JFam Events!


Date Day Event Time
19 Friday

Welcome Week Begins

9:30 AM
22 Monday

Welcome Week Ends

10:00 PM
Date Day Event Time
4 Sunday GreeNDot Training at JFam 1:00 PM
7 Wednesday JFam Section Football 7:30 PM
8 Thursday Big/Little Reveal Pt. 1 - Lucky to be a Valkyrie 7:00 PM
9 Friday Big/Little Reveal Pt. 2 - Lucky to be a Valkyrie 3:45 PM
10 Saturday Ride of the Valks 6:00 AM
16 Friday Johnson Parents Weekend Check-In Begins at JFam 5:00 PM
16 Friday Family Dinner at the Jordan Hall of Science 6:00 PM
16 Friday Walkover to Grotto 8:00 PM
17 Saturday Go Irish! Beat Cal! 2:30 PM
18 Sunday Sunday Mass in JFam Chapel with Father Tom 10:00 AM
18 Sunday Muffins and Yard Games  11:30 AM
25 Sunday Evangelical Sunday Service 11:00 AM
26 Monday Unity Gardens Volunteering 5:00 PM
28 Wednesday Holy Half (Hour) in JFam Chapel 9:00 PM


Date Day Event Time
1 Saturday Hawaiian Brunch in 3rd Floor Lounge 1:00 PM
2 Sunday Sunset and S'mores 7:15 PM
6 Thursday Kennan Formal Dinner 5:30 PM
11 Tuesday Brother-Sister Dorm Joint Hall Council at Dunne Hall 10:00 PM
11 Tuesday National Coming Out Day Celebration 11:00 PM
13 Thursday Capture the Flag with Dunne Hall at Ricci Fields 8:00 AM
23 Sunday Start of Halloween Door Decor 8:00 AM
25 Tuesday Boo! Blitz Begins 10:00 PM
26 Wednesday Balance with Dino Nuggets in the Lobby 7:00 PM
26 Wednesday Holy Half (Hour) in JFam Chapel 9:00 PM
30 Sunday Evangelical Sunday Service 11:00 AM
30 Sunday Pumpkin Painting in the Lobby 4:00 PM
31 Monday Halloween Door Decorating Contest 8:00 PM


Date Day Event Time
1 Tuesday Dia de los Muertos Celebration 12:00 AM
1 Tuesday Costume Contest Submissions Due 11:59 PM
3 Thursday Tie Dye with Farley Hall 3:00 PM
7 Monday Johnson Family Feud at Washington Hall 7:00 PM
9 Wednesday Cooking for the Ronald McDonald House 3:30 PM
13 Sunday Empanadas, With Love in the 3rd Floor Kitchen 2:00 PM
14 Monday Trivia and Taquitos (SYR Spirit Week) 10:00 PM
15 Tuesday Hot Dog Eating Contest (SYR Spirit Week) 10:00 PM
16 Wednesday 40-Yard Dash and Cookies (SYR Spirit Week) 10:00 PM
17 Thursday Guess that Song and Pizza Roll (SYR Spirit Week) 10:00 PM
18 Friday Rhyme without Reason SYR at Downs Ballroom 10:00 PM
20 Sunday Evangelical Sunday Service 11:00 AM
20 Sunday Coffee Flights & the Good Fight with CSC and Raising the Standard in the Geddes Coffeehouse 1:30 PM
30 Wednesday Holy Half (Hour) in JFam Chapel 9:00 PM


Date Day Event Time
4 Sunday Evangelical Sunday Service 11:00 AM
4 Sunday Dunking with Duncan at the Rock 1:00 PM
4 Sunday Thanksmas 6:00 PM



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